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this community is teh dead. I say, what do you suppose Turturro is doing these days, eh?
Love your icon :)

He's in the live action Transformers movie that's coming out but I don't think I'll see that until my neice is old enough to force me to watch bad movies with her.

He's in movies directed by Anthony Hopkins and Robert De Niro too.

And Noah Baumbach's new movie (it's untitled as of now) which will be awesome 'cause he didn't get to do the Squid and the Whale.

thanks ;)

and yay for updated material!
I feel bad because I am *really* behind on my Turturro fansite. Life has been hectic the last year or so. But I still keep up with Turturro.
O_O are you the webhost for the Turturro shrine?
Yeah that's me :)
*falls over* I visit it daily!
Aww really? Sometimes I think no one goes to it so that's really good to hear.
*hates it when the power goes out in her city*
I couldnt get back online till this morning. But yeah, I do visit it daily. *shakes fists* add me!
Me, hopefully.