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Welcome to the livejournal community for fans of John Turturro. I don't expect that a lot of people will join this, but quality matters of quantity. Turturro fans rock so if anyone joins it'll be an awesome place.

There aren't too many rules. Be polite and respectful of Turturro and the other members.

Promoting of other communities is allowed, just don't do it *too* much (I've had a community with scarcely anything but promotions of other clubs. That sucked).

Have fun!
I just utterly adore John Turturro and his work he is a wonderful actor and I think he is goodlooking Jesus did a very good job when he made him. I LOVE YOU JOHN TURTURRO AND SO DOES JESUS from your friend Alicia.
I absolutly and utterly adore John Turturro in his looks and as an actor Jesus sure did a very wonderful job when he made him. AND THIS IS TO JOHN TURTURRO IF HE EVER SEES THIS IF THE WHOLE WORLD TURNS THEIR BACK ON YOU JUST PLEASE KNOW THAT JESUS AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. from your friend Alicia.
John is one of the best! Completely under-rated!

He is a true artist!!!!!!!!

Bless, John!