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I need a little help. There was a picture I saw in the "Anger Management" featurette "Skull Sessions" of John Turturro in character. He was in the tank top and dog tags, like when they were watching the ball game. I think it was when they were talking about the costumes. I'm trying to find that picture and I'm not having very much sucess...help is appreciated!
I just wanna ask...is the person who built the Turturro shrine responsible for his myspace fan page?
this community is teh dead. I say, what do you suppose Turturro is doing these days, eh?
There have been a lot of Turturro dvd releases lately.

Monk Season 2 with his episode
Miami Vice Season 3 with his episode (I've never seen it)
Brain Donors
The Sicilian
State of Grace
To Live and Die in L.A. (crappy movie but I have it anyway)
Secret Window
Here's one Jesus Quintana t-shirt

and another different one

It'd be kinda cool to be a walking Turturro billboard wouldn't it?
Actor Gael Garcia Bernal is a big Turturro fan. Check out this new article on him
that proves even further his devotion to the great man :


I'll quote my favorite part :

"We spend the next few minutes waxing poetic about the Coen brothers' masterpiece, the performance of Jeff "The Dude" Bridges, and, of course, Jesus, the hairnet wearing, tough-talking bowling virtuoso played by John Turturro.

Taking a cue from Jesus, Bernal hoists a pink 10-pound bowling ball and holds it close to his face, his tongue tickling the ball ever so slightly for luck -- and cheap thrills. Then he flings the ball down the lane, flashing near-perfect form. In his first frame ever, he picks up a spare."
Welcome to the livejournal community for fans of John Turturro. I don't expect that a lot of people will join this, but quality matters of quantity. Turturro fans rock so if anyone joins it'll be an awesome place.

There aren't too many rules. Be polite and respectful of Turturro and the other members.

Promoting of other communities is allowed, just don't do it *too* much (I've had a community with scarcely anything but promotions of other clubs. That sucked).

Have fun!